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Livestock  Bowl

Friday, August 19, 1:00 P.M.

Show Barn

Clarke County youth will have the opportunity to be awarded a Livestock Bowl Scholarship. The Livestock Bowl will be divided into the following divisions: (a) Beef, (b) Sheep,(c) Swine, and (d) Goats.

Each division is open to any Clarke County 4-H/FFA member.  Each division will consist of four sections:

1.      Livestock Trivia

2.      Judge one class of appropriate species

3.      Stockman’s Quiz

4.      Life skill Interview


Each of the four areas will be worth 50 points. The individual(s) with highest total point value and the second highest total point valuein each divisionwill receive Livestock Bowl Scholarship award money.  All 2016 scholarship award money MUST be used toward the purchasing of a 2017 Fair Livestock Bowl animal (beef, sheep, swine or goat) or feed costs for a 2017 Livestock bowl animal. Proof of purchases using 2016 scholarship money must be provided to the Livestock Bowl committee before August 1 year of the show.


All Livestock Bowl animals will be raised, shown and sold at the 2017 Clarke County Fair. Should the Livestock Bowl animal not be shown and sold at the 2017 Clarke County Fair, the individual will not be eligible to receive the scholarship money. The individual with the highest total score in each division will select a scholarship award of their choice in one of the following categories:  beef, sheep, swine, or goat; individuals with the next highest total score in that same division will receive a second place scholarship.  A contestant may enter in all four (4) divisions, but may only be a winner in one (1) division.


For information, contact Sarah Jenkins-Morris (540) 539-4795.

Parental consent and appropriate facilities are required.

Applications are available at the Fair Extension Office

Entry Forms are due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday of the Fair.


Beef Sponsor in 2015

Blueberry Hill & Field

Pruitt Livestock


Goat Sponsor in 2015

Just Kiddin’ Farm



Sheep Sponsor in 2015

Chad Morris Family

Just Kiddin’ Farm


Swine Sponsor in 2015

Clarke County 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association





4-H/FFA Livestock



All 4-H and FFA exhibitors must have their contact information, livestock being shown, and housing of livestock details entered by March 15, 2017.  If there are any changes after March entry, we ask the exhibitor to contact ccrflivestock@gmail.com so changes can be approved and corrected online.

Congratulations to the 2016 Pageant Winners

2016 Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Helena St. Claire

1st Runner Up: Hannah Mae Bryson

2nd Runner Up: Zoe Viza

2016 Junior Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Mikayla St. Claire

1st Runner Up: Belle Reid

2nd Runner Up: Kellieanne Bryson

2016 Pre-Teen Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Lily Carlisle

1st Runner Up: Emily Vincent

2nd Runner Up: Shyann Palmer

2016 Little Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Layla Crim

1st Runner Up:  Caylee Peacock

2nd Runner Up:  Erica Stull