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Round Robin Showmanship Contest
Friday, August 19, 10:00 AM
Show Barn

Sponsored by the 4-H Leaders’ Association

  1. In order to qualify for this event, youth must be the Champion Showman in their respective specie showmanship division for beef, sheep, swine,goat anddairy during fair week. Entries will be limited to the Champion Showman in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior age divisions. Only 5 Seniors, 5 Intermediates, and 5 Juniors will qualify.
  2. Exhibitors can choose not to compete; however, they will need to let a leader of the Lucky Leaf 4-H Club or the Extension Office know this immediately after their specie show. If the Champion Showman elects not to compete in his/her specie division then the option to compete will be offered to the reserve champion. Ifneither elects to compete the offer would continue down the showmanship placing order until a youth agrees to participate from that specie and age category.
  3. Once the 4-H of FFA member has won the Round Robin Showmanship Contest, they become ineligible for future Round Robin Showmanship competition until they reach the next age division. Reserve Champion winners may compete in their respective age groups again.
  4. If a 4-H or FFA member wins showmanship honors in more than one species, they may select the species they wish to represent and the reserve winner in the other species will represent that species in the Round Robin contest.
  5. Contestants rotate among beef, sheep, swine,goat and dairy, to judge their abilities with an animal other than the species that earned them the Champion Showman chair. Contestants must show all (5) species of livestock.
  6. In the event of a tie, the exhibitor scoring highest on their own species will be the winner.
  7. The youth will not be responsible for getting the animals to show, the Round Robin Planning Committee will do this. Only one animal species will be in the ring at a time.
  8. This contest is not only fun, but it serves as an Educational tool introducing exhibitors to various species of animals and the showmanship skills needed to properly show their animal and be competitive.

2015 Sponsors

Clarke County Farm Bureau

Clearbrook Feed & Supply, Inc.

Harvue Farm



4-H/FFA Livestock



All 4-H and FFA exhibitors must have their contact information, livestock being shown, and housing of livestock details entered by March 15, 2017.  If there are any changes after March entry, we ask the exhibitor to contact ccrflivestock@gmail.com so changes can be approved and corrected online.

Congratulations to the 2016 Pageant Winners

2016 Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Helena St. Claire

1st Runner Up: Hannah Mae Bryson

2nd Runner Up: Zoe Viza

2016 Junior Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Mikayla St. Claire

1st Runner Up: Belle Reid

2nd Runner Up: Kellieanne Bryson

2016 Pre-Teen Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Lily Carlisle

1st Runner Up: Emily Vincent

2nd Runner Up: Shyann Palmer

2016 Little Miss Clarke County Fair Winner

Layla Crim

1st Runner Up:  Caylee Peacock

2nd Runner Up:  Erica Stull