Auto Demolition Derby

Wednesday, AUGUST 11, 7:30 PM

Sponsored by Clarke County Fair

Rules and Regulations

A. Each driver must fill out an entry blank. (Entries limited to Clarke and adjoining county residents only.)

B. All rules and regulations must be observed. Track operators or promoters reserve the right to approve or reject any and all entries.

C. Only owners, drivers or mechanics will be permitted in the pit area or on the track. Entry Fee $25 (NO REFUNDS). This covers the driver only. All pit passes $10 each. The entry fee must be in cash or money order. No personal checks.

D. No cars permitted on the track before the heat they are to participate in.

E. Members of the auto demolition derby are not employees of the track operators or the promoter of the Auto Demolition Derby.

F. No alcoholic beverages allowed in the pit area; drivers that are drinking will be disqualified. Breathalyzer tests may be given.

G. Tires must be stock size, 4-ply only, no inner liner, no truck tires, no snow or mud treads, no doughnuts.

H. No Chrysler Imperials allowed.

I. No antifreeze allowed. No freon.

J. No welding. Drivers door may have a piece of flat steel 1/4″ x 4″. No longer than the drivers door plus 4″. You may use a chain behind drivers seat.

K. Electric fuel pumps allowed in original gas tanks as long as the seal is not broken, Any fuel lines in driver’s compartment must be inside conduit. All electric fuel pumps must have a power shut-off switch. No exceptions.

Driver Entry
  1. Entry forms are available at Berryville Auto Parts, Fisher Auto Parts -Berryville and Winchester. For further information, call 540-686-6792.
  2. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be 18 years of age.
  3. All drivers must supply their own cars. Entries limited to 2 cars per driver.
  4. All drivers and cars must be entered and at the track 2 hours before the scheduled starting time of the derby.
  5. Enter early! There will be a fifty (50) car limit per derby. Drivers may enter all derbies.
  6. Any driver not obeying the rules will be disqualified.
Participating Regulations
  1. Any American-made stock hardtop automobile or station wagon is allowed. No trucks, Jeeps, etc. will be allowed. No diesels. No 4-wheel drives.
  2. All glass and chrome trim and anything that might become imbedded in the track must be removed from the car before bringing auto to the grounds. Also, car must be cleaned out including the trunk. Don’t leave broken glass in doors, clean them out. Fiberglass nosepieces, wheel weights, headlight buckets, trunk and hood latches must be removed. Windshield is optional.
  3. A maximum of three (3) gallons of gasoline will be allowed. Gas tanks (metal only) may be moved to the trunk but will not be allowed in the driver’s compartment unless covered by a firewall. Stock fuel tanks mounted in stock position ahead of rear axle will be permitted. Only one(1) stock car battery will be allowed, must be covered.
  4. No reinforcements of any kind will be allowed. Trailer hitches must be removed.
  5. Safety belts and helmets are required.
  6. Drivers may maneuver forward or backward. No deliberate head-on collisions or deliberately ramming driver’s door. This can lead to disqualification.
  7. A time limit will be set by the judges. If a driver does not hit a live car within the limit, this can lead to disqualification. Do not play possum!
  8. Do not weld or bolt hoods or trunk lids down, use wire.
  9. All cars must be removed from grounds by owner by midnight day of derby.
  10. The derby will be composed of individual heat and feature with cash prize going to each heat winner and grand prize to feature winner. Feature will be comprised of winners and runners up of each heat when show is single derby event. Feature will be comprised of winners of each heat from each show when there are two or more derby events.
  11. Additional safety regulations may be imposed depending on the track.
  12. A 12- by 15-inch hole must be cut in the center of the hood.
  13. Rules are subject to change to fit event. The decision of the judge
    is final.
  14. No headers allowed.

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