Pre-Teen Miss Clarke County Fair Contest

Sunday, August 8, Following Opening Ceremony


Preteen Page

Rules and Duties

  1. Each contestant must be a resident of Clarke County. At any time, proof of residence may be requested to verify status. 
  2. Each contestant must be between 7-12 years of age by Fair date: August 8, 2021.  A contestant must be female who has always been female; of good moral character; one that has not at any time been convicted of any crime nor has any criminal charges pending against her; one that has never done any act or engaged  in any activity which is or could be characterized as dishonest, immoral, indecent, or in bad taste. This includes information and photos on  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and any web pages or any other social media and electronic means
  3. The winner will be available the entire week of the 2021 Clarke County Fair to give out ribbons and awards and follow the fair schedule of events as needed as well as any events throughout the year that the director feels she needs to attend. (ie, Ruritan Awards dinner, Homecoming parade, Christmas Parade, Long Branch Easter, etc.)
  4. Contestants will be judged on dressy-casual wear and overall personality (no pageant dresses). Top 3 or 5 will be asked a question on-stage. If you have questions on what is/is not appropriate to wear, please do not hesitate to ask. 
  5. The winner will be present at the 2022 Pre-Teen Miss Clarke County Fair Pageant and practices.
  6. All contestants MUST attend practices for the pageant. If you cannot be there, you must let us know and receive approval to miss practice. Dates will be announced in an email that will be sent out by the end of July.
  7. By agreeing to participate in the contest, you are releasing all rights to have your child’s photo taken and used for fair/pageant purposes. 

Deadline to Enter: July 31, 2021 

Questions? Contact: 

Pat Gaston & Annie Gaston

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