Clarke County Fair 4-H & FFA
Exhibitors’ Rules



All 4-H and FFA exhibitors must have their contact information, livestock being shown, and housing of livestock details entered by June 2, 2022. If there are any changes after this date, we ask the exhibitor to contact so changes can be approved and corrected online. 

Exhibitor Membership Requirements 

  • All 4-H members must be at least 9 years old by September 30, 2022, and not have had their 19th birthday before January 1, 2022. Cloverbud members are NOT eligible for competition. FFA members must be enrolled in an Agriculture Education class and/or a member of FFA at CCHS or have graduated within the past year and remained an active member as stated in the FFA member code of conduct/ bylaws. 
  • All 4-H and FFA exhibitors must be members in good standing within their respective organization. 
  • 4-H members are required to attend a minimum of 6 monthly club meetings held between October 1, 2021 and the Sunday of the Fair 2022. If a member cannot attend a meeting, he/she may conduct or attend an activity approved by the 4-H Extension Agent. ALL new members must be enrolled and attend 5 monthly club meetings. 
  • FFA members are required to participate in all Chapter FFA meetings (monthly eagle block and evening meetings) held August through June. FFA members may miss no more than 2 total meetings a semester unless preapproved with an advisor due to sickness or other extenuating circumstance. 
  • All 4-H and FFA exhibitors showing market beef projects will be registered prior to December weigh-in and declared at December weigh-in. All other projects must be registered by May 22 2022 and projects will be declared at the June weigh-in. Registration link will be provided by livestock committee, 4-H agent, and FFA advisors. 

In order to show in the youth 4-H and FFA livestock and horse shows, members are required to participate in at least two of the following activities (ONE from Section A and ONE from Section B): 

Section A 

4-H Qualifying Activities: 

All 4-H Livestock Exhibitors must participate in ONE of the following on a county, district, or state level between October 1, 2021 and August 7, 2022. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Active member of one of the following 4-H judging teams and must participate in at least one contest – dairy, dairy bowl, livestock, horse, hippology, poultry, stockmen’s, forestry, land appreciation, meats identification, tractor operations, or parliamentary procedure. (One can participate as an individual in one of these contests and still qualify.) 
  • Competitive 4-H Shooting Education Events
  • 4-H State Day at the Capitol 
  • 4-H Public Speaking Contest, 4-H Share-the-Fun, 4-H Presentation Contest, or 4-H Fashion Revue Contest. (Ex: County Contests, District Contests, and State Contests) 
  • Clarke/Warren 4-H Junior Camp (You may attend as a camper/counselor, and/or attend a 4-H camp with another county) 
  • 4-H Lamb Camp, 4-H Horse Camp, 4-H Goat Camp, or any specialty camp (Ex: Shooting Sports, Fishing, Livestock, etc.) 
  • 4-H State Congress, 4-H iCongress, National 4-H Congress, Virginia Institute of Cooperative Education, or any other extension approved leadership opportunities. 
  • Any education event hosted or co-hosted by the Clarke 4-H Office or Virginia Cooperative Extension (Ex: Canning/Food Preservation Workshops, Sewing Workshops, Baking Workshops, Animal Workshops, etc.) 
  • Activity approved by 4-H Agent 

**There are many educational opportunities outside Clarke County. If you participate in any 4-H or Virginia Cooperative Extension program within the state, please contact your 4-H Agent so you can get credit for participating. 

FFA Qualifying Activities guidelines: 

All FFA Livestock Exhibitors must participate in ONE of the following on a county, district, or state level between September 1, 2021 and August 7, 2022: 

  • Be an active member of one of the Chapter’s CDE teams and compete at a contest above the chapter level (One can participate as an individual in one of these contests and still qualify.) 

Dairy Eval 

Milk Quality and Products 


Livestock Eval 

Horse Eval 


Ag Mechanics 

Farm Business Management 

Small animal care 

Avian Quiz Bowl 

Tractor Driving 

Small engine repair 

Tractor Troubleshooting 

Veterinary Science 

Or other CDE stayed on 

  • Teen Excellence in Leadership Institute, Virginia Institute of Cooperative Education, or any other FFA approved leadership conferences/opportunities. 
  • FFA Public Speaking Contests above the chapter level 
  • FFA Agriscience Fair 
  • Complete and submit an FFA Proficiency Application to State Judging 
  • Clarke County Wool Pull load up 
  • Activity approved by FFA Advisor

Section B 

All 4-H Livestock Exhibitors must participate in one County Volunteer Leaders’ Association Fundraiser: VLA Fundraising Opportunities for 2022. Examples include: 

  • Bake Sale(s) 
  • Butter Braids Fundraiser 
  • Coins for Clarke 
  • Any other VLA sponsored fundraiser 

All FFA Livestock Exhibitors are expected to participate in the annual Plant Sale as well as other projects/activities delegated to them by the FFA Advisors. 

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals 

All 4-H and FFA youth exhibiting beef, sheep, swine, goats, poultry, rabbits and dairy MUST be YQCA certified before August 7, 2022. 

Except in extenuating circumstances (such as extended illness or injury), those who do not participate in one of the above activities will show in the Open Non 4-H/FFA Show. 

Record/Project books 

  • 4-H and FFA members are required to turn in a completed project record book on each species (breeding and/or market) of animals one week after the completion of the State Fair. 4-H and FFA members must receive a score of 70% or above on each 4-H or FFA project record book for each project the member is enrolled in order to be eligible to exhibit in that animal species at the next annual Clarke County Fair. 
  • The Livestock Committee may require proof of record book completion. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the current year fair. 

Exhibitor expectations: 

  • 4-H and FFA members MUST participate in at least one organized set-up effort prior to the Fair and clean-up after the conclusion of Fair. The Extension Office will give members who are unable to make the set-up dates a separate assignment(s). 
  • Any time a 4-H or FFA member is in the show ring, the following dress code must be followed: Dress slacks or pants; however, jeans are permissible providing they are free of holes. Wear a collared shirt or blouse that is tucked in. For handling livestock, leather shoes or boots are strongly recommended. No hats or chewing gum will be permitted in the show ring. 
  • As exhibitor at the Fair, youth are representing the 4-H and FFA programs. During the Fair week, youth exhibitors are not to wear clothing with inappropriate language or gestures. Exhibitors are not allowed to be in possession of guns, drugs, tobacco products, or alcohol while on fair property.
  • 4-H and FFA livestock exhibits can only be fitted by the exhibitor, immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister) and/or legal guardian(s), or another Clarke County 4H/FFA livestock exhibitor showing in the current year at the Clarke County Fair. 
  • 4-H and FFA livestock exhibits are only to be shown by the exhibitor. If a 4-H or FFA livestock exhibitor has two (2) or more animals in the same class, only another 4-H or FFA livestock exhibitor showing the same species in the current year at the Clarke County Fair may show one of them. 
  1. To be eligible for participation in the 4-H and FFA Livestock Shows, exhibitors must have their project animals housed within Clarke County from the period of time between the weigh-in for that species and the week of the Fair. Any unusual circumstances will have to be approved by the Extension Office or FFA Advisor and the Livestock Committee. 
  2. If an animal is not housed on property owned or rented by immediate family, then the 4-H/FFA exhibitor must notify the Livestock Committee in writing where the animal is housed and why and receive approval. 
  3. If a youth is determined to be in violation of any of the rules and expectations listed above or the departmental rules, the youth can be banned from showing and selling any livestock project at the current Clarke County Fair and will be banned from showing and selling one additional year in the livestock project area they were determined to have been in violation of the rules and regulations.

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