Committee: Kiersten Cochran, Shelly Morris, Chastity Wiley, Mary Hardesty, Kim Henderson, Corey Cather

Friday, August 19, 2022 at 4 PM in the Show Arena

The Supreme Champion Showmanship Contest will consist of the Overall Champion Showman
for each of the five species – dairy, beef, sheep, swine, and meat goats. In the event that one
exhibitor is Overall Champion Showman in more than one species, that exhibitor will choose the
species that they will represent. The Overall Reserve Champion from the species not chosen will represent that species.

The judge(s) will score each of the classes. The judge will only judge based on showmanship
skills not the fitting or confirmation of the animal. The scores will be based on of a point system.
The contestant with the LOWEST score will win. First place will be worth 1 point, second place
will be worth 2 points, third place will be worth 3 points, fourth place will be worth 4 points and
fifth place will be worth 5 points. At the conclusion of all five classes, the judge(s) will announce
the winner of the Supreme Champion Showmanship Contest based on the contestant with the lowest score.

Each champion is responsible for acquiring an animal from each of the five species to show in
the ring for Supreme Showmanship. The champion of a species is allowed to show their own animal only in that species.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the answer to a question of the judge’s choice.

Each of our Overall Champions received a Belt Buckle Tumbler at their show this week.
The Supreme Champion Showman will receive a Yeti Cooler with show supplies.

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