Department C – Dairy



  1. All dairy animals for exhibit must be in place not later than 1:00 p.m., Fair Monday.
  2. The Junior Dairy Show is open only to Clarke and Frederick County 4-H or FFA members enrolled in the dairy project by January 1 of the year of the show. All 4-H’ers and FFA’ers planning to exhibit dairy animals at the Clarke County Fair must turn in an updated project record book to the Extension Office or Ag/FFA Instructor no later than the second Friday in July in the year of the fair.
  3. All 4-H and FFA entries must have been personally managed, cared for, and owned or leased by the exhibitor making the entry by June 30 of the current project year.
  4. For the 2021 year, no open entries will be permitted. It is limited to a show for 4-H and FFA members only.
  5. All dairy cattle exhibited must meet the cattle health requirements as listed in the Animal Health Regulations section of the fair catalog. Health papers must accompany each animal entered at the fair.
  6. 4-H and FFA member may compete in all open classes.
  7. No entry fee will be charged for cattle exhibited in open competition.
  8. The following premiums will be paid in the Open Show: 1st- $12.00, 2nd- $8.00, 3rd- $6.00, 4th- $4.00.
  9. Each breed will be shown separately, and the winner of each breed will compete for Supreme Champion.
  10. No milk cows will be shown for the 2021 show, only a heifer show will be held.
  11. All 4-H and FFA members must participate in the dairy showmanship classes in order to receive Junior Show premiums.
  12. All dairy cattle exhibited must be registered; no crossbreds are permitted.
  13. permitted.


C-1 Junior Dairy Showmanship & Confirmation Show

Thursday, August 13, 9 A.M.

Show Barn

Brown Swiss- Holstein- Jersey

CLASSES                                                    PREMIUMS 1ST  2ND  3RD  4TH  5TH   

  1. Novice Showmanship –                     Ribbons 1-5; Banner for Grand & Reserve
  2. Junior Showmanship –                    Ribbons 1-5; Banner for Grand & Reserve
  3. Intermediate Showmanship –             Ribbons 1-5; Banner for Grand & Reserve
  4. Senior Showmanship –                               Ribbons 1-5; Banner for Grand & Reserve
  5. Overall Grand Champion                                                         Banner
  6. Overall Reserve Champion                                                      Banner

(The Champion Showmen of classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 will compete)

Classes will be broken at the discretion of the show committee

  1. SPRING HEIFER CALF born after March 1, year of show –          15.00, 12.00, 10.00, 8.00, 5.00
  2. WINTER HEIFER CALF born Dec. 1, 2020-Feb. 28, 2021 –           15.00, 12.00, 10.00, 8.00, 5.00
  3. FALL HEIFER CALF born Sept. 1, 2020-Nov. 30, 2020 –               15.00, 12.00, 10.00, 8.00, 5.00
  4. SUMMER YEARLING HEIFER born June 1, 2020 Aug. 31, 2020-    15.00, 12.00, 10.00, 8.00, 5.00
  5. SPRING YEARLING HEIFER born Mar. 1, 2020-May 31, 2020 –      15.00, 12.00, 10.00, 8.00, 5.00
  6. WINTER YEARLING HEIFER born Dec. 1, 2019-Feb. 28, 2020-      15.00, 12.00, 10.00, 8.00, 5.00
  7. FALL YEARLING HEIFER born Sept. 1, 2019 Nov. 30, 2019 –        15.00, 12.00, 10.00, 8.00, 5.00
  8. JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE –                                                                  Banner
  9. JUNIOR RESERVE CHAMPION FEMALE –                                                    Banner

(Winners of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will compete)

  1. Junior Champion of each breed                                      Rosette
  2. Reserve Junior Champion of each breed                         Rosette
  3. Junior Champion Holstein                                              Rosette
  4. Reserve Junior Champion Holstein                                 Rosette
  5. Junior Champion Jersey                                                 Rosette
  1. Reserve Junior Champion Jersey                                     Rosette
  1. SUPREME JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE (All breeds champion) – Banner
  1. RESERVE SUPREME JUNIOR CHAMPION FEMALE (All breeds champion) –Banner

(Winners of classes 10, 12, 14, and 16 will compete)


Showmanship classes will be divided into Novice, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Novice Showmen will be those youth who have not shown dairy as a 4-H or FFA project previously at the Clarke County Fair. Junior Showman will be those exhibitors who will be 9, 10 and 11 years of age as of September 30, 2021. Intermediate showmen will be those exhibitors who will be 12 and 13 years of age as of September 30, 2021 and Senior Showmen are those exhibitors who will be 14 years of age and older as of September 30, 2021.


Junior Dairy Showmanship Awards

The first place winners in the novice, junior, intermediate, and senior divisions of the showmanship classes will receive a banner presented by the Clarke County Ruritan Club.  The engraved brushes are donated by Kevin and Laura Jackson.

John O. Hardesty Memorial Junior Dairy Exhibitor Award

This award, in memory of John O. Hardesty, has been established by Harvue Farm to recognize the 4-H or FFA member who displayed the most sportsmanship, helping hand, and genuine care toward his/her fellow exhibitors.  The award is to be voted on by junior dairy exhibitors on Friday of Fair week.

Nana's Award

Given in memory of Carter Hardesty, the recipient of this award is a senior 4-Her who, like Carter, displays the characteristics of kindness, fair play, and willingness to include everyone around them. To be decided by the 4-H leaders.

Herdsman Award

In memory of Frank C. Sowers, who supported and promoted youth, a special award sponsored by the Sowers family is presented to a Clarke County 4-H/FFA dairy exhibitor who does the best job caring for and preparing his/her animal throughout the week.  To be decided by the 4-H leaders.

The Unsung Hero Award

The Dickey Family will sponsor an award to recognize a first or second year 4-H or FFA member who shows the attitude, energy, and initiative to constantly progress in their knowledge and ability by caring for and learning from their 4-H project.  To be judged by 4-H Leaders.

Best All Around 4-Her

Demonstrates outgoing attitude while displaying and caring for his/her animal.  Shows enthusiasm when talking with the public as they visit the barn. To be decided by the 4-H leaders. Sponsored by the Roberts Family.

Best Young Showman

Pre 4-Her who works the hardest throughout the week taking care of his or her animal. Sponsored by Agri-Labs. To be decided by the 4-H leaders.

Charles J Ward Memorial Award

This award, in memory of Charles Ward, is given to the dairy club member who, like Mr. Ward, displays the true spirit of friendship.  This person is eager to help others, is friendly, and makes everyone feel included.  Mr. Ward was a quiet, kind presence in the dairy barn for over 40 years.  He is missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Best Heifer Sign Award

This award will be given to the 4-H member with the best homemade animal (pen) sign. This will be decided on by the 4-H members (exhibiting project animals in the dairy barn) and is based on creativity, neatness, and completion of animal information.  Sponsored by the Ricker Family. To be decided on by the public.

Jack Hardesty's Dedicated to Dairy Award

Jack Hardesty’s Dedicated to Dairy award is sponsored by the Pine family and decided on by the leaders. Those who had the pleasure of knowing Jack can attest to his dedication to the dairy industry and its continuation and growth. He knew that would happen through programs like 4H with children like this award winner who displays the love of Dairy like Jack.  The recipient of this award displays Jack’s characteristics of love and joy when sharing his/her dairy calf.

New - Longevity Award

This award is sponsored by The Marasco Family and is awarded to the 4Her who puts the most time in fair week.  This individual is one of the first to show up each day and one of the last to leave each day.  This person is always lending a helping hand and is eager to see that all of the work is done.  This award will be decided on by the 4H leaders.

The Unsung Hero Aware

The Clarke/Frederick 4-H Dairy Club will sponsor an award given in honor of James L. Ramey, Sr. who was actively involved with 4-H for over 30 years.  Presented to the 4-H member who is self-motivated, helpful, and sensitive toward the needs of others. To be decided by 4-H Leaders.

Got Milk Award

Given to the 4-Her who does the best job of promoting the dairy industry during the week.  This award is sponsored by the Northcraft Family. To be decided by the 4-H leaders.


This award is sponsored by Braithwaite Family Donnell Family and will be awarded to the Big and little pair that meshed the best.  This pair was inseparable during fair week and really demonstrated how team work should and can be effective.  This award will be decided on by the 4H leaders.


This award is sponsored by The Moyer Family and determined by the leaders. This award is presented to the pre 4her who shows his/her calf completely independently on show day. This pre 4her is so confident in his/her relationship with the calf and certain that no big kid help is needed to hold onto the calf or help in any way.

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