Department F – Swine



  1. Competition is open to any market hog, barrow, or gilt of any breed or crossbreed born after January 1stof the current year.
  2. All swine entered must be free of disease. The swine committee reserves the right to reject any entries they feel unfit or unsound (due to limited mobility or injury) for the health of the show and sale.  A health certificate dated within the last 30 days for each entry must be presented to one of the Swine Committee Chairmen before the swine is placed in a pen.
  3. The Junior Swine Show is open to Clarke County 4-H and FFA previous swine project members who are enrolled by January 1 of the year of the show. All new swine project members must be enrolled in the Clarke County 4-H or FFA program and declare a project by March 1 of the year of the show.
  4. All swine entries must be nominated, weighed-in, and tagged at the official project weigh-in held the first Saturday in June, year of the show. Five entries may be weighed in at June weigh in. Up to 3 entries may be shown at the fair – 2 of these may be shown in market class and 1 may be shown in the gilt class.  All exhibitors are only allowed to sell 2 entries in the livestock sale on Saturday.  The Swine committee recommends a weight of at least 80 pounds at the initial weigh in for all entries.
  5. At Monday weigh in, all swine entries are to be clean with ear tags free of debris and CLEARLY visiblebefore being taken out of their pen to weigh.
  6. All market hogs must be weighed on Monday at approximately 7:00 AM and divisions will be determined by weight. All hogs must weigh between 220 and 300 pounds to be eligible to sell in the Junior Livestock Sale. All division winning market hogs will be eligible to compete in the Grand Champion market drive, and the second-place market hog in the division from which the champion came from is eligible to compete for the Reserve Champion market hog as well as the remaining division winning market hogs.
  7. All hogs not weighing at least 220 pounds or weighing over 300 pounds at fair weigh-in will not be eligible to show in the market classes at the fair or sell in the Junior Livestock Sale. Exhibitors can use these pigs in the showmanship competition, and they will be shown in overweight and underweight classes after the end of the regular market show.  (Note: Over and underweight animals will not be eligible for championship class and will be shown after the champion has been selected).
  8. All market hogs will be graded.
  9. All hogs must be kept in their pens between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM each night, except the night of the show.
  10. Hogs may be guided by canes, tubes, whips, crops, or any other device approved by the Swine Committee. Excessive use of the guide devices, leading to bruising or excessive marking, will lead to a warning from the Swine Committee.  If the excessive use continues the exhibitor can be disqualified from the Swine Show and Junior Livestock Sale.  Guide devices must be approved by the Swine Committee immediately following fair weigh in.
  11. The number of hogs sold by one (1) exhibitor is limited to two (2).  All hogs must be cleaned thoroughly before entering the sale ring. Four tenths of 1% of the sale price of hogs will be withheld for pork referendum.
  12. To recognize hog buyers, $5.00 will be retained from the proceeds of each hog sold to purchase a newspaper advertisement.
  14. The swine barn will be closed during the swine weigh-in, after 3:45 PM the day of the show, during the show, and 6 PM through the end of the swine sale on sale day.  Only committee members or designated volunteers are permitted in the barn.
  15. All waterers must be left on from the time of initial weigh in until the animal is removed from the fairgrounds.
  16. The Swine Committee reserves the right to amend and interpret these rules and regulations as they see fit.
  1. The intent to have gilt entries at the 2021 Swine Show must be on your fair exhibit registration form which is due May 31, 2021. Your 4-H or FFA Advisor will need to confirm your participation in a gilt project before a gilt entry may be brought to the 2021 Fair on Sunday.
  2. Youth must complete the breeding section of their project book to be eligible to show gilt the following year. Please always make sure you have the proper Gilt project book by June weigh in.
  3. Animals entered in the breeding gilt class are not eligible for the 4-H FFA Livestock sale.


F-1 Junior Swine Show

Monday, August 9, 4:00 P.M.
Show Barn

Gilt 12.00 10.00 8.00 6.00 4.00
Champion Gilt Rosette
Reserve Champion Gilt Rosette
Single Market Hog 12.00 10.00 8.00 6.00 4.00
Division Champion Market Hog Rosette
Division Reserve Champion Market Hog Rosette
Overall Champion Market Hog Banner & Award
Overall Reserve Champion Market Hog Banner & Award
Novice Fitting and Showing* Ribbons & Banner
Junior Fitting and Showing* Ribbons & Banner
Intermediate Fitting and Showing* Ribbons & Banner
Senior Fitting and Showing* Ribbons & Banner
Swine Supreme Showmanship Plaque & Prize Money

*Showmanship classes will be divided into Novice, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Novice Showmen will be those youth who have not shown swine as a 4-H or FFA project previously at the Clarke County Fair. Junior Showman will be those exhibitors who will be 9, 10 and 11 years of age as of September 30, 2021. Intermediate showmen will be those exhibitors who will be 12 and 13 years of age as of September 30, 2021 and Senior Showmen are those exhibitors who will be 14 years of age and older as of September 30, 2021.

Junior Swine Show Special Awards

Outstanding Youth Swine Award

A $25 cash award will be presented to the outstanding youth swine exhibitor by Barbara Morris in memory of James H. Morris. This award is a reflection of the exhibitor’s showmanship abilities, animal and pen care, and respect towards other exhibitors during fair week.

Clarke County Ruritan Club Swine Showmanship Awards

Banners will be presented to the Champion and Reserve Champion from the Novice, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Showmanship divisions by the Clarke County Ruritan Club.

Grand Champion Market Hog Award

In memory of Floyd Lofton, SMIDLEY Feeder Dealer, a $25.00 cash award will be presented to the exhibitor of the Overall Champion Market Hog.

Virginia Pork Industry Association

The Virginia Pork Industry will award a silver tray to the sweepstakes winner in the Junior Market Hog Show. The winner is to be selected by the total number of points accumulated in the show by the following systems: 1st- 5 points; 2nd-4 points; 3rd- 3 points; for placings in the single classes, pen classes, and fitting and showing classes. In case of a tie, the tying exhibitor placing highest in the fitting and showing class will receive the award.

Junior Swine Herdsman Award

In memory of Mrs. Geraldine Lofton, a $50.00 cash award will be presented by the Lucky Leaf 4-H Club to the youth who does the best job of presenting his/her project during fair week. This will be divided equally among the exhibitors if more than one exhibitor’s projects are in the same pen.

Hoff Memorial Award

In memory of Mr. Floyd Hoff and Mr. Jock Hoff, a banner will be presented to the exhibitor for the Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog by an anonymous donor.

L. Floyd Jenkins Swine Award

The L. Floyd Jenkins Swine Award has been established in memory of Mr. L. Floyd Jenkins. This award is to be given to the exhibitor of Grand Champion Market Hog each year. Mr. Jenkins believed in honesty, hard work and responsibility. These characteristics can be developed at an early age by raising and caring for livestock. Hard work should be rewarded and respect should be earned, not given. The exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Hog will receive a plaque and a check.

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