Diesel & Gas Truck Dirt Drags

Contact:  Charlie Gray (540) 533-8827 or email: mtnstatemotorsports@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 15, 7:00 PM

Sponsored by Clarke County Fair

Dsc 0082


Classes (Subject to change day of event):

1. 4wd Gas
2. 4wd Diesel

General Rules

1. Driver must stay with their vehicle while their class is participating. Failure to stay with your vehicle can result in a disqualification.

2. Any vehicle that touches the white line on either side of that truck’s lane will be disqualified.

3. Winners will return to the staging area immediately in order to receive staging.  Instruction for their next round.

4. No speeding or hot rodding the pit area. Vehicles operating in an unsafe manner can result in a disqualification/ejection from the event and/or the
fairgrounds. No riders at any time.

5. Current and valid photo driver’s license Is required for the driver.

6. Seat belts must be worn and helmets are required.

7. The use of any form of alcohol/drugs is prohibited.

8. All and any drag racing decisions such as winner and possible disqualifications are FINAL. No appeal process.

9. Exhaust may be other than factory. Bed stacks are allowed, hood stacks allowed, passenger side only. Must be cross-bolted at outlet of turbo.  Minimum of two 3/8 bolts. Maximum of 6 inches past turbocharger outlet
before any bends. Engine and radiator must be in the original location, as produced by the manufacturer.

10. 4-Wheeler or DOT approved helmets are mandatory. All drivers must have
their own helmet.

Racing Rules

1. D.O.T. Tires only (No cut tires).

2. Batteries must be secure, truck bed needs to be clean (no trash, etc).

3. No rails, tube buggy, or bikes. Must be full body. (No open wheeled vehicles).

4. After the finish line you must stop before the predetermined stop point line, which will be marked on the track. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification.

5. Left Lane exits first, followed by right lane (At the discretion of track officials). Failure to do so will result in a disqualification.

6. Each class will have a practice round immediately before the competition rounds.

7. GM trucks with independent front suspensions are required to have sleeves or upgraded tie rods. Vehicles deemed unsafe will result in a disqualification.

8. If truck is equip with a snow plow bracket, it’s advised to temporarily make the bracket (looking from the side) solid due to it interfering with the sensor pickup. Example, would be a thin sheet of metal/cardboard cutout zip tied to side of bracket.



           Winner take all:

    1. 4WD Gas $300.00

2. 4WE Diesel: $700.00


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